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Visibility. Credibility. Profitability.

These are the three key results from an effective search engine marketing (SEM) campaign.


All businesses want greater visibility online, but how much money and man-hours are you investing in creating visibility that doesn’t pay a return to your bottom line? Visibility isn’t about simply putting more marketing out over the Internet. With millions of websites, directories, content submission sites, search engines, social media networks, and online advertising opportunities, it’s easy to waste time and money putting out more and getting little to no results. Targeted visibility is critical.


Customers research for solutions and connect with businesses online often before they make a buying decision. With an increase in unscrupulous businesses having easy access to Internet advertising, customers seek evidence of a business’s credibility as a critical influence when purchasing products and services. Ethical, efficient SEM strategies and tactics will increase a business’s credibility by producing helpful, quality content and increasing its visibility in targeted contexts.


The simple rule of success is when you put the right offer more times in front of the right people, your probability for converting customers increases significantly. At SmallBizMedia.TV we maximize our customers’ profitability by increasing their visibility, credibility and popularity within specific demographics. We don’t waste your marketing spend with widespread, false popularity tricks. SmallBizMedia.TV delivers visibility, credibility, and profitability to your business with the following search engine marketing (SEM) services:

  • Optimized Social media profiles and Timelines
  • Social media brand management & moderation
  • Daily Posts – 2/3 a day/7 days a week
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising
  • Link-building strategies
  • Analytics

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